How Rustic Touches Add A Personal Feel To Modern Design

You’ve created your dream home or have rented a place that you have made into a sleek, modern paradise. Every edge is clean, every color is clear, and the feel of the place is contemporary and spotless. Yet when you walk in the front door, you still feel like there is something missing from your flawless space. Something about it is cold and impersonal, and though the polished edges and shining surfaces may glisten, they do little to make your home comfortable and inviting.

Enter rustic high end home decor: the elegant nod to nature and the past that can create the homey touch you’re looking for. Even the most subtle rustic touches can transform a cold room into a warm, personable area, and the endlessly versatile designs that modern rustic decor offers ensures that there is a piece out there for everyone.

What Is Rustic Modern Design?

Rustic modern design is a contemporary interior and exterior decor style that incorporates the clean edges of modern styles with the earthy textures and warm colors of nature. Rustic decor often has a handmade feel and can add the significance of a story or culture to your design.

Rustic pieces are generally made of a natural material such as unstained wood, and can also be finished with old world materials like rope, chipped or textured paint, natural fabrics, oxidized metal, or stone. The defining feature of rustic modern design is that it incorporates materials that would have been used decades or even centuries ago into modern shapes and finishes.

Why Should I Choose Rustic Modern Design?

One of the greatest advantages of the rustic modern aesthetic is deeper than its stunning appearance: rustic modern decor is a relatively eco-friendly way to decorate your home. Because rustic decor is made of natural materials, its manufacture requires significantly fewer synthetic materials and chemicals to be produced and released into the environment.

Many of the pieces in our collection of custom furniture in Dallas are organic, meaning that no synthetic materials were made in their production, making them dramatically more beneficial to the environment than synthetically manufactured pieces. Every rustic detail invites the story and history of its design into your home, and rustic modern decor combines the best of both worlds of high end home decor: the sleek, clean, and contemporary feel of modern decor with the personable and warm touches of rustic design.

How Can I Incorporate Rustic Modern Design Into My Home?

If you already have a home with a modern feel, try adding pieces of furniture with wooden colors and textures to your already sleek design for a more personal and homey feel. A wooden table with metal or stone accents can get your new rustic ambiance off to a stunning start, as can a large wall hanging that incorporates earthy tones and textures.

If are looking to add a contemporary feel to rustic design, experiment with the sleek edges and natural textures of marble or polished wood. Adding a geometric piece or large mirror like those you can find in our collection of custom furniture in Dallas is another way to incorporate contemporary details into your home’s design.

One of the most powerful ways to create a rustic modern feel in your home is to install rustic wooden or metal wall paneling to create a dramatic accent wall or to redo the floor with a vintage textured carpet. Our collection of custom furniture includes all of these options and more, providing you with beauty and inspiration no matter how you plan on integrating design into your home.

Austin Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting and collection systems provide Austin home and property owners with the means to maintain lawns and landscaped environments safely, naturally and with far less overall cost. Water used for landscape maintenance often accounts for the bulk of household usage, especially for those seeking to irrigate their lawns during a hot and dry Texas summer. Systems designed to collect, store and recycle rainwater and stormwater runoff can reduce and even eliminate the utility costs associated with water. For Austin residents seeking environmentally friendly irrigation options, rainwater harvesting can significantly lessen the impact household watering may have on the Edwards Aquifer.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawns and Attractive Landscaping Throughout the Year

For property owners in Austin rainwater harvesting systems offer a way to keep lawns well hydrated and healthy all year long. Municipal watering restrictions established and limitations established by Travis County can force many homeowners to severely limit their outdoor watering, especially when seasonal rainfall has been scarce. Harvesting rainwater for outdoor irrigation can ensure that property owners will no longer be risking fines and penalties when watering restrictions are in effect. Collecting rainwater on site can ensure lawns and gardens can be kept green and lush with far greater convenience and success.

Natural Rainwater for Natural Irrigation

The pH levels and presence of even trace amounts of minerals, sediments and even chemical additives introduced during water treatment processes can create many issues when it comes to irrigating lawns and gardens. Rainwater collection provides an ideal alternative for those who may be concerned about the quality of water being used to irrigate backyard gardens and outdoor areas. Irrigating using natural rainwater eliminates any concerns stemming from the sodium content, mineral deposits and pH levels that may have a negative impact on overall water quality as well as the health and condition of grasses, outdoor plants and even garden crops.

Lowering Utility Costs

The Texas summer often finds homeowners seeking relief from more than just the heat. Higher utility costs stemming from air conditioning indoor areas and watering outdoor environments can quickly become a major expense. Irrigating lawns and landscaped with harvested rainwater can provide a more cost-effective solution, one that may help to ensure utility bills can be kept as low as possible throughout the long summer. Collection and harvesting systems can even pay for themselves over time by allowing owners to reduce the overall cost of landscape maintenance year after year.

Superior Equipment and Professional Installation

While rainwater harvesting is an ancient technique, access to the latest equipment and system options is still an important concern. Only the best systems are able to optimize water collection and ensure water can be safely stored for extended periods without risk of contamination or water quality issues. Austin homeowners who elect to install or create their own harvesting or collection system and those that find themselves dealing with lesser service providers may be unable to enjoy the full range of economic and environmental benefits that only superior equipment and professional installation may be able to provide.

Rural Alabama deserves cheap and secure HughesNet Internet

If you are like most Internet users in Alabama, you’ve probably gotten on your phone to contact cable and Internet service providers in the area to ask why in the world you are cut out of accessing high-speed Internet. After all, you want to stream music and videos just as much as the next household. On the other end, chances are you also hear the same old story. A sympathetic voice on the other end of the phone, telling you they understand how frustrated they are (but do they really understand if they have access to high-speed Internet?), informing you that due to the limited number of houses in the area, it would cost the Internet service provider far too much to install the necessary equipment to grant you access. Funny, it didn’t cost the phone companies too much to install telephone lines in the area, so why would it cost too much to basically do exactly the same thing with the Internet? It is beyond frustrating, but there is an option that can bring you high-speed Internet, without needing to deal with the traditional service providers: satellite Internet from HugesNet.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans from

HughesNet runs almost exactly like a television satellite service. With the installation of a new satellite dish, it receives an Internet signal, which you can then connect to inside of the home. With this satellite service, you can do everything you might want to do with an Internet connection, ranging anywhere from opening and sending email messages all the way to streaming videos through an online video service. Of course, depending on what you want to do, there is an Internet service plan that is right for you.

HughesNet has three individual plans, based on the amount of data it gives you access to. Every page you visit requires a data download. From text to a single image, this counts towards the data amount. For light Internet usage, the 10gb plan is a nice option. It is perfect when you don’t intend on watching many online videos or live on your own. The 15gb plan bumps up your plan 50 percent, while the 20gb plan is the largest plan offered by the company. It gives you up to 30 hours of SD video content (on average), so if you like watching Internet streaming content, this is the plan for you.

Delivery Apps In Development From Onfleet

The emergence of high tech smart phones is drawing in consumers in all new ways. Onfleet has reportedly raised over $2 million in funding from several different sources. These funds will be used for the experimental development of apps that can be easily installed on to smart phones. Ideally, it will improve the customer experience and add to the utility of the devices themselves. As smart phones become more capable, consumers will be more apt to purchase them as needed. Onfleet has backed their developments with product testing and some initial guarantees. Investors are carefully monitoring the progress of developments taking place in this company.

Funding agencies include CrunchFund and Winklevoss Capital. These agencies have staked their reputation on successful developments in these industries. Core services include product delivery and messaging that is directly handled through smart phones themselves. Onfleet has hoped to capitalize on early successes and make their name known within the industry itself. Even individual investors have collaborated on these projects to maintain their status in the industry. Teams like Onfleet depend on a consistent source of new entries to an already crowded tech marketplace. Buyers need to know that their smart phones will function as needed.

Part of the appeal of Onfleet technologies is that it directly facilitates communication itself. Couriers have found this to be a useful aspect of how to manage developments from the start. There are competitors already emerging, especially when it comes to new communication developments. Meadow and Canary are already established in the field, including their own unique technological developments. Onfleet is led by their CEO Khaled Naim, who promises that his company is ready to compete in this market sector. These early entries and encouraging words have helped Onfleet stay the course when it comes to real technological breakthroughs.

In some ways, the company has struggled to make its name known in a hectic tech oriented industry. The field is already packed with established companies, who are relatively well known by their respective customer base. Onfleet needs to quickly unveil its unique developments, which may or may not appeal to smart phone buyers. The development of apps often coincides with the release of major brand names in the phone industry. Onfleet is working on route optimization and driver background checks that can be conducted directly through a phone. It will pair with service providers like Checkr to make the most out of these different options.